Bahrain is the first

The Gulf state of Bahrain has entered a replacement era of streaming, gaming and provide chain technology. Already, fifth-generation Internet FiveG has spread across the country. The high-speed service is accessible to everyone within the country’s 1.5 million population. News Arabian Business.

Investment experts expect that the explosion of the FiveG network across the country will attract the world’s giant technology companies within the next era of the epidemic..

In just 10 years, the country’s telecom sector has been ready to attract quite 200 million in investment. The ICT sector provides 3 percent of GDP in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, the country’s Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Kamal Bini Ahmed Mohammed said the supply and deployment of economic FiveG services would be ensured, and preparations for subsequent generation of ICT services would be enhanced. He also said that he would still work with global leaders to take care of the country’s position within the sector.

It is estimated that by 2023, there’ll be quite 100 crore FiveG connections worldwide.


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