Biden is desperate to

Newly elected President Joe Biden wants to be more active on social media than Donald Trump was on Twitter. However, he has started from scratch by opening a replacement Twitter account, not a private account. during this case, the followers of the private Twitter account aren’t being transferred to the official account. Biden’s supporters dissatisfied thereupon .

President of the us – abbreviated as ‘Potash’.. this is often the name of the official Twitter account of the President of the us . Former President Barack Obama first used such accounts in 2015 when he was in power.

When President Donald Trump came to power in 2016, the account was handed over to him by the Twitter authorities. But this point it didn’t happen. Instead, a replacement official Twitter account was opened for US President Joe Biden. So now the followers are growing by leaps and bounds. The account are going to be transformed from Biden to Potash next Wednesday (January 20), the day of his inauguration as president.

Biden’s supporters, however, aren’t proud of the new Twitter account. Because the Twitter authorities haven’t only stopped opening new accounts for the president, they’re also not transferring the 24 million followers of Biden’s personal account to the official account.

And Twitter authorities said they might send notifications to followers of the old ‘Potash’ account to follow the new ‘Potash’ account.

Meanwhile, a separate official Twitter account has been opened for the Biden administration, the new First Lady Jill Biden. At an equivalent time, for the primary time, there has been a politician account for the spouse of vice chairman Kamala Harris. Kamala’s husband, Douglas Emhof, will manage the “Second Gentleman” account.

Analysts say Biden and his administration want to be as active on social media as Donald Trump was.


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