If I die son-wife MP

Abdul Quader Mirza, the 4th elected mayor of Noakhali Basurhat Municipality, said, “If I die, my son are going to be an MP, my wife are going to be an MP. we’ve to prevent this culture, but if anyone is qualified, he are often an MP.”

He made the remarks at a post-election exchange of views with voters at the Basurhat Municipality auditorium on Monday (January 18th) at noon.

Quader Mirza said, ‘In the longer term , all the elections including the Union Parishad elections in Companiganj are going to be free, . fair and neutral. From now on the elections are going to be held democratically. Every election are going to be a democratic process through voting.

Addressing the leaders and workers, he said, “There are going to be no bullying, no fighting, no fighting in Kompaniganj, I warn you, there’ll be no arming, no irregularities are going to be tolerated.”

He said, ‘Yesterday I met my rival candidate Kamal Uddin Chowdhury of BNP and Mosharraf Hossain of Jamaat. they need assured me of cooperation altogether matters of Companiganj. I thank them for this gathering. also as requesting, we’d like to prevent anti-politics from here. All parties will now conduct their party activities. But before that, if the weapons are deposited now, there’s a drag . If not, but are going to be selected. there’s no discount during this regard. These weapons are destroying us. Protest within the streets, it’s your democratic right. I even have proposed to take care of discipline.

He said, ‘They (BNP-Jamaat) have agreed to return at the decision of our upazila chairman. Mr. Shahab Uddin will call all the political parties. we’ll call and introduce a democratic system here.

‘Awami League in power actually leaves BNP-Jamaat area, BNP-Jamaat in power actually leaves Awami League area. In fact, Awami League is in power, by filing a case against BNP-Jamaat, again BNP-Jamaat is coming to power by filing a case against Awami League, we’ve to urge out of this culture ‘, said Quader Mirza.

Companiganj Upazila Parishad Chairman Mohammad Shahab Uddin and lots of others were present at the time under the chairmanship of Upazila Awami League President Khizir Hayat Khan.


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