The Swedish Photo voltaic System is the most important scale mannequin of the Photo voltaic System on the planet, measuring virtually 1,000 kilometers lengthy.

In lots of science museums around the globe yow will discover scale fashions of the Photo voltaic System. They’ll even be bought, smaller, on websites like Amazon. The world’s largest scale Photo voltaic System is in Sweden, and it may be stated that it’s as huge as the entire nation.

The concept got here to astronomers Nils Brenning and Gösta Gahm, in 2009: create a 1:20 million scale Photo voltaic System utilizing buildings and statues that may be distributed all through the nation, in line with the true distance of the planets.

The objects used to symbolize the celestial our bodies are additionally on an actual scale. The Sol you may see it within the opening picture. Is the most important round constructing on the planet, the Globe Area in Stockholm, which is 110 meters in diameter and at 1:20 million scale corresponds to the Solar and its corona. Within the following map you may see the place the remainder of the celestial our bodies of the System are situated. And on the suitable, Mercury, which measures solely 25 centimeters and is situated within the Stockholms stadsmuseum, in Slussen, virtually three kilometers from the Globe Area:

The internal planets are all comparatively near Stockholm, however the outer ones are distributed alongside the east coast of Sweden, within the Baltic Sea.

You’ll have observed that there are a lot of extra factors than planets within the Photo voltaic System. That’s as a result of some moons, asteoids, comets, and different celestial our bodies have additionally been integrated.

The land is represented by a terrestrial ball 65 centimeters in diameter situated within the Cosmonova Naturhistoriska riksmuseet museum, in Stockholm, about 7.6 kilometers from the Solar. Luna, 20 meters from Earth, in a column:

Neptune claims to be probably the most elegant representations. It’s a stunning statue of two.5 meters in diameter situated in a public park in Söderhamn, a coastal metropolis 229 kilometers from Stockholm. You will need to understand that not solely the size of the planets is maintained: additionally the gap that separates them from the Solar:

The farthest planet Pluto, measures solely 12 centimeters and is about 300 kilometers from the Solar

Within the following picture we will see, on the left, the dwarf planet Sedna, on the sting of the Photo voltaic System. It’s in Teknikens hus, Luleå, 912 kilometers from Stockholm. On the suitable we’ve the moon Titan, which symbolically hangs from the home the place the physicist Anders Celsius devised the size of levels Celsius or centigrade:

In Sweden, astronomy followers set up excursions to go to all of the stops of this peculiar Swedish Photo voltaic System to scale. Faculty excursions and cultural visits are additionally frequent.

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If you wish to see all of the monuments and places, check out the Sweden Photo voltaic System web site, or Wikipedia.


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