Navalny was arrested

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested by police on his way home. He was arrested at 12 noon civil time on Sunday (January 18th) at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

Alexei Navalny spokeswoman Kira Yarmish confirmed the knowledge during a tweet.

Police arrested Alexei Navalny from the airport, he wrote during a tweet. nobody is being given an opportunity to satisfy him.

Navalny returned to Russia by air from Berlin, Germany, about five months after the danger of arrest. Earlier, he fell ill thanks to poisoning last year.

According to international media CNN, Navalny and his wife landed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport just after 8pm civil time . Their plane was scheduled to land at Nukovo Airport. many supporters clothed to welcome them. But Navalny’s plane wasn’t allowed to land there and was evacuated to Sheremetyevo. Police at Nukovo Airport have arrested several people and evacuated people from the terminal, Reuters reported.

Navalny fell into a coma after drinking a cup of tea on a flight from Serbia to Moscow in August last year. From the airport he was admitted to an area hospital. If his condition didn’t change, he was taken to Germany for advanced treatment. consistent with the test, an effort was made to kill him with a toxic nerve gas made in Soviet times.

In a post on his Instagram on Wednesday, the leader announced his return to Russia and therefore the resumption of politics. The Kremlin has also said it’s no objection to his return.

However, Russia’s Prisons Department has said during a statement that Navalny are going to be arrested on his return to Moscow for violating a suspended sentence during a 2014 case.


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