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Emerging actress Rukaiya Jahan is amazing. In 2016, she became the second runner-up within the Miss World Bangladesh competition. Recently acted during a new web film. lecture Time TV about the recent busy schedule and various issues.

Rukaiya Jahan Chamak, how are you?

Did I say your name correctly?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, seems like BT aint on behalf of me either. Many miss pronouns.

Is the shooting of web film ‘Haider’ over?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, seems like BT aint on behalf of me either.

When will it’s released?
It is being considered for release on Pan American Day .

What if you said something about ‘Haider’?
It is made from contemporary issues. However, the audience won’t celebrate if you tell the plot of the film. Even then, it are often called a criminal offense thriller type psychological thriller. And thereupon comes a sweet romance that later turns into a criminal offense thriller.

How challenging was acting in ‘Haider’?
The character was challenging because it was the other of individual surprises. it had been very challenging on behalf of me to play the role of a village girl as a city girl.

What else are you doing?
I am performing on small screen now. i’m doing single dramas on small screen, I started acting in serials recently, i’m doing TVC and presenting.

What does one neutralize your busy leisure time?
I chat with friends and eat tons .

When will you be within the movie?
So far i’m not thinking of acting during a commercial movie. But i will be able to act if i buy an honest script.

When are you getting married?
Not planning a marriage yet, will go an extended way.

Presenting, how does it feel?
Like, i really like to speak .

What qualities does a presenter got to have?
Proper speaking and proper pronunciation.

What does it fancy be an actress?
You have to be very dedicated, you’ve got to figure hard, and you’ve got to be lucky.

Who is your inspiration?
Subarna Mostafa, Humayun Faridi, Aparna Sen, Sabyasachi.


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