People's Leasing depositors

The depositors have given an ultimatum to return the cash to the individuals and little customers of People’s Leasing within subsequent 15 days. they need announced a protest program if the cash isn’t returned. They made the demand at a person’s chain and rally ahead of the People’s Leasing Office in Motijheel on Monday (January 18) at noon.

One of the depositors who came to the human chain told reporters, “Brother, i can not roll in the hay anymore. I sold the flat I bought with my savings and lived during a small house.” The state are going to be responsible if my children aren’t human.

Angered by the human chain, he demanded the return of the cash deposited by the depositors of People’s Leasing. About 6,000 people and little depositors who have kept money during this institution are during a unfitness without getting their a refund .. Of these, quite 2 hundred people have gathered within the human chain. Some are holding black flags and a few are holding placards. Although it’s been almost two years since the intervention of the financial institution , they need not yet received the cash and that they want the intervention of the minister of finance and therefore the prime minister.

PK Haldar, who is accused of smuggling Rs 3,500 crore and migrating abroad, demanded Rs 1,056 crore from him and demanded that a minimum of Tk 650 crore be returned to the purchasers within subsequent 15 days.

According to the human chain, 12 depositors have already died thanks to financial misery. They demanded punishment for those involved in looting financial institutions including PK Haldar. At the top of the human chain, the purchasers gave a memorandum to Bangladesh Bank. Individuals and little depositors have given human chain and memorandum 3 times about this.


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