People's peace has been

The government’s intolerance policy on the control of corruption, drugs and terrorism has been praised worldwide, said the President. Abdul Hamid.

He said that peace of the people has been established within the society. Even within the midst of the Corona epidemic, the government’s stimulus activities have turned the economy around. the govt is trying to stay things normal.

He made the remarks while addressing the winter session of the National Assembly on Monday (January 18th).

Earlier at 4 pm, the speaker said. the primary session of the year began with Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury within the chair. consistent with the constitution, the President addressed the primary session of the year.. As always, the President gave an in depth account of varied development activities of this government.

He said the national parliament is that the center of hopes and aspirations of the people of the country. I urge all political parties, regardless of class and profession, to require concerted efforts to create consensus on democratization, good governance and uninterrupted socio-economic development. The ruling party also because the opposition need to play a constructive role in transparency, accountability, tolerance, consolidation of human rights and rule of law and progress of the state .

The President said the govt has continued its relentless efforts to make sure the participation of individuals of all walks of life in consolidating good governance, practicing democracy and development programs in spite of many adversities to accelerate the progress of the country and therefore the nation. so as to create the ‘Golden Bengal’ of Bangabandhu’s dream, we’ve to figure more unitedly to eradicate corruption, drugs, terrorism and militancy from the country by keeping the spirit of the liberation war high. allow us to forget the differences of party-like-path and pay the blood debt of many martyrs by establishing a society free from exploitation regardless of religion-caste-tribe.

“We are on the edge of the golden jubilee of independence today,” he added. we’ve to maneuver forward on the trail of peace, democracy, development and prosperity. This year, as a middle-income country, we’ll celebrate the golden jubilee of independence. Our goal is to be inaugurated as a developed and prosperous country within the World Assembly in 2041. I firmly believe that under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, with the complete participation of the people, we’ll be ready to build a welfare, developed and prosperous Bangladesh.

The President further said that 18 units of various corps of Bangladesh Army are formed within the financial year 2019-20 within the light of Forces Goal-2030 to guard the independence, sovereignty and integrity of the country. a big number of vehicles and modern equipment are added to extend the capacity of the military . With the addition of two submarines, the Navy has made its debut within the world today as a three-dimensional navy. Since 2009, the Navy has added 31 ships, two maritime helicopters and two maritime patrol aircraft. Bangladesh Air Force has modern high capacity aircraft, helicopters, radar, Sophisticated weapons and equipment are added. Bangladesh regained its first position as a UN peacekeeper on August 31 last year. at the present , a complete of 6,065 peacekeepers of Bangladesh soldiers and Police are engaged in peacekeeping missions in seven missions of seven countries and are contributing to the event of Bangladesh’s image within the world.

He said the govt was pursuing a intolerance policy against corruption, drugs and terrorism. to the present end, 17 relevant laws are formulated and made timely. so as to urge the assistance of police, ambulance and fire service, National Emergency Service (999) online GD, separate arrangements for ladies , children and disabled altogether police stations and police services are improved through various apps.

President Abdul Hamid said under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the first 41st span connecting Mawa and Jajira on each side of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge has been laid with its own funds, making the most infrastructure of the bridge visible. Construction of the Padma Bridge are going to be completed by July 2022. As a result, integrated communication system of other regions are going to be developed with the southern a part of the country.


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