Poet Gobind Chandra

On the occasion of the 18th birthday of the poet Govinda Chandra Das, his life and work are discussed under the title ‘Finding Life in Memory’.

On Monday (January 18) afternoon, the poet was commemorated within the auditorium of Gazipur Metropolitan College with poetry readings and essays.

The keynote speech was presided over by drama personality Liaquat Chowdhury and presented by Asim Bibhakar, Head Professor, Bangla Department, Bhawal Badre Alam Government College.

Badran Alam Government College Principal Professor Niranjan Biswas, Govinda Researcher Professor Amjad Hossain, Bahasa Shaheed College Principal Mukul Kumar Mallick, Mokshudur Rahman and poets Ijaz Ahmed Milon and Shahan Sahabuddin spoke on the occasion.

Speakers at the discussion said that Govinda Chandra Das was a up to date poet of Rabindra. The speakers demanded that he should be referred to as the poet Gobind Chand Das, not the natural poet. He also demanded to form various important installations in his name within the district.

It may be mentioned that the poet Govinda Chandra Das was born on 16 January 175 AD at Dhirashram in Joydevpur of the then Bhawal Parganas and died on 1 October 1918 AD.


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