Pristina wants to be

Kusovo’s capital Pristina has been called a ‘sister city’ by the Dhaka North City Corporation, consistent with Guner Ureya, the country’s ambassador to Bangladesh.

Monday (January 18) Gulshan Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) at the city’s mayor. . Guner Ureya made this call during a courtesy call with Atiqul Islam.

During the meeting, the Ambassador said that the connection between the 2 cities could take the friendship, brotherhood and relations between the 2 countries to a singular height.

At the time of the arrest of faux NGO official ‘Helicopter Rubel’, the DNCC mayor said that Bangladesh and Kosovo are two fraternal countries. The capital cities of the 2 countries can exchange knowledge and knowledge with one another .

During the meeting, Ambassador Guner Urea expressed his gratitude to Bangladesh for enjoying a crucial role within the UN peacekeeping in Kosovo to the Mayor of DNCC.

He praised the varied sorts of public awareness and public service work of the DNCC mayor.

During the meeting, among others, the chief military officer of the DNCC. Selim Reza was present.


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