Sravantiputra love frozen

Popular actress Sravantiputra Abhimanyu Chatterjee (Oyster) is crazy with model Damini Ghosh. After secretly sexual love for 3 years, Jhinuk recently shared a photograph on his Instagram together with his girlfriend. There was tons of fuss about it within the net world.

Oyster revealed his love just when the news of his mother’s third marriage broke up and therefore the social media was buzzing. Recently, Oyster visited Rajasthan with Damini. He posted the image on his Instagram.

In the photo shared on Sunday (January 18), the oyster is seen hugging Damini. Damini was found in blue denim and sky blue top within the picture. Oysters wore black jeans and a leather jacket. within the caption, Sravantiputra writes, ‘Queen of my kingdom‘.

In the photo, Damini wrote within the comment box with a love reaction, ‘Know.’ Netizens are stuck during this . Positive and negative comments were noticed within the photo comments room. Some people think that Sravantiputra’s love has frozen. This pair looks gorgeous. Many netizens have also made such comments.


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