Sudden US bombers in

In response to a series of military exercises in Iran, US B-Fifty-two warplanes have resumed patrolling the center East and therefore the Persian Gulf . The U.S. military released a video on Monday (January 18th). Through this, the strain within the region is increasing.

It is thought that US bombers have resumed patrolling the region in response to successful exercises with Iranian drones, warplanes and missiles. And during this , the Iran-US tension has reached its end .

Iran has reacted sharply to the sudden sending of B-Fifty-two warplanes to the center East. The country’s secretary of state threatened during a tweet that Iranians wouldn’t be ashamed to reply if the enemy dared to launch an aggression. He also involved reducing the death rate in Corona through development of the health sector without wasting people’s tax money on the battlefield.

Iran recently conducted the most important missile and drone exercise in memory. At an equivalent time, the country’s largest carrier ‘Makran’ made with its own technology was unveiled.

Meanwhile, Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s nuclear energy Commission, said Tehran wouldn’t believe any US statement on the nuclear issue. He added that uranium enrichment at 20 levels would continue until the US embargo was lifted.


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