The number of pediatric

The intensity of winter has increased within the capital also as across the country. At an equivalent time, the amount of pediatric patients in hospitals is increasing. Every day, quite 500 children are being treated outside the hospital for various cold-related diseases.

Suddenly the intensity of winter within the foggy air again. it’s as if the people of the capital have began to feel the warmth of the bone-chilling winter in remote areas.

As always, the gang of delicate children has increased within the hospital.. Parents worried about children affected by diarrhea, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. Crisis increases beds and ICU crisis at Dhaka Children’s Hospital.

The mothers of a number of the youngsters who came to the Dhaka Children’s Hospital said they brought the youngsters due to cold-fever and breathing problems.

There are 125 children affected by pneumonia admitted within the ward. additionally , 500 to 600 children are receiving services within the outpatient department a day , consistent with hospital sources.

Dhaka Children’s Hospital Deputy Director. Prabir Kumar Sarkar said, “We provide a source for each mother to breastfeed her baby.” it’s also said to remain with mother all the time and wear warm clothes. At this point special caution is spoken within the case of children’s food.

Pathologist Kinkar Ghosh said that the sole reason to use the mask again and again is to guard it from external contamination. employing a mask will protect you from corona and external contamination at an equivalent time.

Meanwhile, although the intensity of winter has been decreasing since Tuesday, the Meteorological Department fears that it’ll increase again from the 22nd.

Meteorological Department official Kausar Parveen said the incidence of winter across the country, including the capital, would be reduced. Night and day temperatures will rise. it’s impossible to read the wave at the instant . there’s an opportunity of drizzle in some parts of Bangladesh from next day.


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