Wikipedia in 21

The free encyclopedia Wikipedia has entered its 21st year. On today in 2001, Wikipedia officially launched. So per annum today is widely known as ‘Wikipedia Day’ by the volunteers of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia was founded by US internet entrepreneur Jimmy Wells. Named after Larry Sanger. Anyone can contribute from the start .. thanks to its features, its popularity and database are rapidly increasing. Just five years after its inception, a scientific article published within the world-renowned journal Nature states that the accuracy of English Wikipedia has become the equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica in only a couple of days. Although it started with English version, the web encyclopedia began to be launched in other languages as soon because it realized the necessity . Wikipedia was launched in Bengali on January 26, 2004.

The us is celebrating the day online in various parts of the planet , mainly with Wikipedia and similar projects, thanks to the continued Kavid-19 global pandemic.

Wikipedia currently has about 53 million articles in additional than 300 languages. monthly , quite 1.5 billion people round the world retrieve information from Wikipedia through individual devices.


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